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ALLERGOSTOP® therapy (Germany)

ALLERGOSTOP® is a homoeopathic autologous blood product and patient’s own blood is used for its preparation. ALLERGOSTOP® is used to treat exogenous and endogenous allergies, triggered by an antigen-antibody reaction, as well as for the treatment of autoimmune (auto-aggression) diseases, caused by formation of auto-antibodies.

The triggering agent (which is the factor causing the disease) must not be known for the treatment with ALLERGOSTOP®. Nevertheless, it is necessary for the blood draw to take place at the peak point of the respective disease since, at this point, blood contains the specific, pathogenic antibody for this disease in high concentration. Only then can the desired formation of anti-antibodies be achieved at a later stage (formation of anti-idiotypic antibodies).

ALLERGOSTOP® preparation needs only blood serum and not whole blood.

Who qualifies for the ALLERGOSTOP® therapy?

ALLERGOSTOP® may be used for both allergies and autoimmune diseases, that are associated with the formation of morbid (abnormal) antibodies, i.e., auto-antibodies. ALLERGOSTOP® may be used at any age. Therefore, both children and adults can benefit from this very promising method.

For instance, here belong the following allergies and autoimmune diseases:

Allergy Autoimmune diseases
Pollen allergy
Rheumatoid arthritis
Hay fever
Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
Food allergies
Systemic lupus erythematosus
House mite dust allergy
Multiple sclerosis
Allergy to animal hair
Crohn’s disease
Allergic rhinitis
Ulcerative colitis
Allergic sinusitis
Raynaud’s syndrome
Allergic dermatitis
Sjögren’s syndrome

Which are the advantages offered by ALLERGOSTOP®, compared to conventional procedures?

  • Allergens may not be known
  • Allergy testing has been deferred
  • Treatment of multiple allergies
  • Treatment may be started even after allergy symptoms appear
  • no age limitations
  • good tolerance